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Venue Bookings Available

Welcome to Wrap Factory NY

Located at Inwood, Long Island, we offer a spacious venue of 2200 square feet, including a main area, two private rooms and one bathroom. You have the option to keep our vehicles in house, or clear the area completely. Coffee bar included.

Wrap Factory NY offers premium color change and Paint Protection Films (PPF), including gloss and stealth. We also provide ceramic coating and commercial wrap installs for your auto/boat/plane/fleet needs. Hood/trunk/fender/panoramic wraps and black optic (chrome delete) packages are available upon request. Training clinics and one-on-one sessions can be scheduled to help build confidence for DIY and weekend warriors.


PPF and Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film shields your vehicle from external conditions and helps paint last longer. Ceramic coating is a great way to avoid water droplets from drying and staining your vehicle's surface.


Custom Wrap

We offer custom wraps and work close with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results. We offer an extensive range of patterns and colors through our affiliated wrap distributors.


Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete is a quick and easy way to change the overall look of your vehicle. This is done by wrapping chrome finishings to full black for a more polished effect.

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